Thursday, March 25, 2010

DP March 25 One-by-one: Family values

LW1's grandfather's dying of Alzheimer's. Grandmother tells LW that she doesn't have to worry about inheriting the disease, since LW's father isn't LW's grandfather's son. Whatever that means. LW wants to know how best to find out what that means. Like maybe ask her dad now? Wait til granny dies? Prudie says that there is not medical reason to worry about this. LW has to decide if her curiosity will allow her to let it go. In any case, if she does want to learn more, don't wait til granny dies. Duh.
My take: I guess Prudie's right. I think Grandma might have a touch of senility going on too, though. I don't know what this knowledge gets you other than trouble, so in your shoes I'd try to forget it.

Video letter is from a guy who accidentally fed a vegetarian friend something meat-based. Prudie says let it go.
My take: What's the veggie friend supposed to do now? Purge the carnitoxins from her body? Keep your mouth shut.

LW2's ex wife is a nut case who vandalized his house and car. She violated restraining order. She lives in the same neighborhood as LW's new GF, and has been slipping letters accusing GF of being a home-wrecking whore. LW claims no legal action is possible, and now he and GF think all the neighbors are giving them the stink-eye (like people care). Prudie says to avoid a letter-writing campaign in response, and to slip a word to a few neighborhood gossips about his crazy jealous ex.
My take: Boy, would I want to get this bitch. Her actions may not violate the order of protection, but they certainly seem to constitute defamation of character of both you and your GF. See a lawyer, sue the bitch and get a lien on her house for the damages she'll owe.

LW3 has two sisters, Eileen and Karen. Eileen has a newborn and needs to go to an event with husband and child. Karen's house is an ideal place for an overnight stopover, but Karen has refused because she doesn't want to risk losing a minute's sleep because of a crying baby. Should Eileen be upset? Prudie says that it's Karen who needs to get an earful and grow up and be a sister and show a modicum of family hospitality.
My take: What Prudie said. Karen can't bear the thought of risking the loss of one night's sleep to help her sister???? This is crazy. I might have a tiny bit of sympathy for Karen's position if she were being asked to care for the baby (and even then, no, not really), but she's only being expected to offer a modicum of hospitality for her own damn sister. (Just a thought: maybe LW1 is involved, and Karen knows that Eileen isn't really her sister... this may inspire an All-in-One!)

LW4 is much younger than her coworkers, who always go on about how old they are, and how she shouldn't get old (right). Second part of this two-parter is that LW's mom works in the company, and coworkers are always assuming her mom got her the job. Prudie gives some stock responses to the jerks.
My take: Two-part question, one-part answer: just tilt your head to the side and smile. Expression should be: "You're so quaint, aren't you?". Say nothing.


Kati said...

Such sound advice! And the neatest oh so appropriate pictures. Where oh where did you get the "murder of the beautiful typist"?!!!!!

Marc Naimark said...

Kati, you are too kind. I think I did a search for "young coworkers" that led to the murdered typist.