Monday, March 19, 2012

AI: Advice Illustrated

So I started this last week, but BF closed the window (for a good cause) and I lost my post (what happened to autosave???). Here's a quick second shot:

Letter 1 is from a woman who is convinced her husband is gay.  She's cool staying married cuz she's not into sex and he is quite a catch (other than the gay thing, of course). But her entourage is pushing her to "set him free". Should she? I say: if he wants to be "free" he knows where to find the door. But why don't you actually, I dunno, talk to him about this rather important matter? And make sure that he is engaging in safer sex practices with you and any partners he might have. Prudie worries that he will end up wanting to be "free" in a few years, when LW will be old, shriveled up and unmarriable.

Video letter is from a creepy neighbor guy who feels up the LW and makes lewd comments. She can't avoid him, so how to deal with him? Answer: mace.

Letter 2 is from a parent whose white 10yo child plays on an otherwise all-black team. Teammates are cool calling each other "niggas", and are cool with son doing so too. But this freaks out LW. I say: have the talk, of course, but as long as he's using this term only with his teammates, I find it rather charming and a step in making a horrible word less hurtful.

Letter 3 is from a girl whose father wants her to be an engineer. She doesn't. My take: don't.

Letter 4 is from a guy (I'm guessing) who has a colleague who rubs one out in the company terlet. Should he tattle? I say: What are you doing in there that allows you the luxury of enjoying a full withdrawal from the spank bank? (That said, it's gross. Guy has issues.)

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