Sunday, August 10, 2008

Les poussettes dans le bus

Font chier, non?


Kati said...

Came across your older posts... what with this stroller phobia of yours?

Marc Naimark said...

Have you never taken a bus in an outlying area of Paris? The (mothers who push) strollers are obnoxious. They disturb every other passenger getting on and off, they're fare dodgers, and they don't follow the rules that allow for only two open strollers in the bus at a time. I've seen as many as five open strollers, with the mothers giving not a fig about making it impossible for other passengers to get on or off the bus. There is a much greater theme here, of course, which is the reverence paid to children and mothers.

Mermaid said...

Marc, here we call them the "stroller brigade" and they walk two abreast on the sidewalk and do not move aside to single-file when you approach. I hate them. They seem to think their "precious cargo" is more precious even than the small children who must be the ones to walk up on someone's lawn, or worse, out in the street, to pass them.

Marc Naimark said...

Here's what the RATP says:
-- If you have a stroller, you need to get on in the front, unless you've asked the driver first if you can board in the back. (They never do.)
-- Maximum of two unfolded strollers. (Hah.)
-- Strollers can only be placed in the designated area. (Not respected.)