Thursday, October 14, 2010

Advice Illustrated, 14 October 2010: The truth about consequences

The originals are HERE.

Letter 1 is from a woman who has a horrible temper, although she claims she's trying to control it. At a family wedding she started screaming at her sister, who finally had enough of LW's shit and responded by saying she wanted nothing to do with LW again. LW just can't understand why. Prudie tells her why: she's a toxic person who spreads unhappiness, and cutting off ties with her is the best way for her family members to preserve their sanity.
I say Prudence provided a fine response. The truth: you're toxic. The consequences: people don't want to be around you.

The video letter is from a house-proud new home owner who expects everyone who visits to take their shoes off (despite some guests saying they prefer to keep their shoes on) and expects them to know that she expects this by some magical power of suggestion. Prudence says that in the US, people get to keep their shoes on, and she should get used to having a less-than-immaculate house.
I say she's nuts. If she wants people to take off their shoes, provide slippers for guests, and say, in the most gracious and un-neurotic way possible for you, "Here are some slippers if you want to take your shoes off". Now let's move to the real question: what form of birth control are you using? It better be damn good, because if you freak out over shoe-wearing guests, what's gonna happen when you create your own in-house dirtmongers? The truth: people get to keep their shoes. The consequences: you'll have to vacuum even more than your OCD is making you already.

Letter 2 is from a gay guy who assaulted a coworker who was driving him home (well, to a bus stop... what's with that?) after a dental procedure involving heavy sedation. Now coworker's skeeved out. Prudie says to apologize, and also: what's with the bus stop rather than driving LW home?
I say; what's with the bus stop rather than driving LW home? The truth: you assaulted him. The consequences: he wants nothing more to do with you.

Letter 3 is from a student who's renting an apartment owned by a horrible horrible person who did horrible horrible things in the apartment (or the building at least). He likes the cheap price and needs a place to live and has a lease, but feels horribly horrible. Prudie says he's stuck with the lease, and to make up for feeling horribly horrible by holding a fundraiser for a good cause.
I say, yeah. The truth: you've signed a lease. The consequences: you're gonna be paying this guy rent for a while. Go destroy an unborn chicken to compensate.

Letter 4 is from a new stay-at-home mom with three kids whose BIL and SIL are abusing her availability for free day care and babysitting. Prudie says to tell them she can't do it anymore, and that if they get upset, good riddance.
I mostly agree, but family members did use to help each other out. I say she should go back to work and let her husband raise the kids. Afterwards he can deal with his own sister and her husband. The truth: you made yourself a target. The consequences: someone's gonna have to put his foot down.

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