Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Advice Illustrated, 24 November 2010 "Give thanks for no Thanksgiving"

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, but there's not a single mention of the event in this week's letters. Hurrah!

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Letter 1 is from a sibling who is worried about their younger brother, aged 22, a victim of an overprotective mother. Prudie says to engage the support of their father, if she can, and get some professional help to let her brother grow up.
I say, have you ever had him to stay with you? Meet new people among your friends? Etc., etc.? Perhaps before getting the shrink in, you can already help him share your independent life.

No new video letter this week. So let's hear a plug for The Sporkful.

Letter 2 is from a bearded guy who's to be the best man at his sister's wedding. Sister insists he shave off his beard. Prudie says to tell her to stuff it. It's him and the beard, or not him.
I say, this is a great excuse to avoid the whole horrible experience of a contemporary wedding.

Letter 3 is from a woman who was cheated out of a job and had a bit of a cry in the parking lot, where the organization's director saw her sobbing. She's embarrassed. Prudie says the real issue is why she was cheated from the job, and the explanation she deserves for that.
I say that if she gets so worked up (not about her disappointment and dismay, but about being seen crying), she is not suited for a position of responsibility.

Letter 4 is from a woman whose husband is a fledgling doctor who shows disrespect and unethical behavior regarding (particularly female) patients. Should she narc him? Prudie says yes.
I say yes and DTMFA. If he's talking like this about women whose confidentiality he has a professional obligation to respect, what is he saying about you?

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