Thursday, December 30, 2010

Advice Illustrated: You are so stupid, people

A better lot of letters this week.

Letter 1 is from a man who divorced his wife after she went on a sex strike because he wouldn't commit to having a baby. Now his GF has announced she's pregnant and he's delighted and will be marrying her. Ex is bitter, in particular that he didn't tell her himself, even though they haven't spoken in ages. Was he wrong? Prudence says they both were wrong.
I say: Just how did GF get pregnant? Was it with your consent? It doesn't sound like it. So thanks, dude, for confirming the message that a woman needs to lie and cheat and get knocked up to get a guy to commit.

Letter 2 is from an older person with tight finances whose cross-country friend sent her a gift of cash to visit her. The money transfer went sour, leaving the LW with no money and extra fees. Friend made non-refundable plane reservations, but LW have no money to go now. Friend is demanding a refund. Prudence says too bad for friend.
I say, WTF? How can you deposit an unsigned cashier's check? And why send a cashier's check anyway? Who does that for this kind of transaction? And just how did LW get into trouble because of the check? That was for the trip, not for her car payment, so what was she going to use for the trip? And what was the money for if not the plane ticket, which now appears to have been bought by the friend? Shenanigans!

Letter 3 is from a person whose business partner keeps going walkabout due to grief over loss of a parent (two years ago!). Should LW talk to partner? Prudie says, duh, yes tell her she needs help.
I say, duh.

Letter 4 is from a coed who made the mistake of not attending a university at which virtually all juniors study abroad (they exist!). Her BF of five years (meaning they're an item since they were juniors in HS?) doesn't want her to go abroad because she has no money. She wants to go, but he's holding her back or something. Prudie says go for it, and look for ways to get some funding. And maybe find a new guy on the way.
I say, duh. Although traveling the world and study abroad usually don't work out so well, since when you study abroad, they kind of expect you to attend classes and things. But go for it! And as Dan Savage says, how many people end up marrying their first romantic partner?

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