Friday, December 17, 2010

Boy do I hate Marie-France Leblanc

Marie-France Leblanc is the "star" of a docu-soap, Family Renovation. It's a Canadian DIY TV show (we get lots of Canadian DIY shows, not many US ones here, probably because the Canadian ones get public funding for dubbing into French, whereas a French TV channel would have to pay to dub a US one).

The woman likes to change houses every year. She also likes to put out the babies and has 5 kids under 11 when she decides it's time for a new house. But buying an exisitng house or having a new one built isn't for her. She has her husband buy a modest existing house so she can add two stories to make it her dream house (for this year). So far this is not outlandish and not TV-worthy, despite being a form of child abuse (she promised her oldest child she would stop making him move every year, but she just hhhhassss to have a new house to make her life better or something). I think it's just so she can have an excuse to have a bunch of guys whose balls she can bust, since her husband's balls are all squishy by now. You would think that his poor busted balls would at least prevent him from impregnating her, but I think she must scare the hell out of his testes every two years to get some baby juice to pop out a new one.

Anyhow, what makes this TV-worthy is that instead of staying in her existing house or renting a house during the work, she decides they're all gonna live in the house as it is gutted and has its roof removed. A house with no roof and no walls during hurrican season in Halifax, a house with no heat for her children as winter comes.

At one point she sends out an APB on space heaters, desperate to warm her frostbitten offspring. No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire there, of course. And that plastic tarp that seals off the sleeping area will look great when it goes up in flames.

Oh, and what are they sleeping on behind the tarp (the seven of them)? On moldy mattresses. Why are the mattresses moldy? Because although she did have the good sense to schedule the roof removal during their summer vacation, she didn't want the trouble or expense of moving her belongings into storage during that time, so all her belongings suffered water damage from a "surprise" summer thundestorm.

You might think that living in the worksite would at least keep her on top of the project, but she doesn't even get that right. She takes weeks and weeks to order teh windows, preventing the finish work and installation of insulation and siding. She can't make up her mind about the flooring. The only thing that gets her to make a decision there is that her husband wants carpeting in the bedrooms, so of course, that pushes her to decide for wood flooring.

But what makes me really hate this woman is that the noise and disturbance has seriously upset their lovely family dog, which keeps crapping in the basement for the workers to step in.

I hate Marie-France Leblanc.


Anonymous said...

i have just come across this show, and immediately had to find an outlet for my hatred of this waste of space as well. marie-fance is not only a completely useless moron, she should be sterilized, her smarmy grin should be smacked of her ugly face, and she should be tied to a chair and forced to watch episodes of this train wreck of a show until she realizes what a useless, self entitled bitch she is, and then promise to do hide under a rock and never do another renovation ever again.
thanks! i feel better

Amelia Fedo said...

I've never heard of this show, but mon dieu, quelle vache!

Lusha said...

The thing that drives me nuts is that for 4 or more episodes she keeps saying that it's getting colder and colder and there's no heat, yet all the kids are walking around in shorts and shirts or under thin blankets topless!!!! Put on a GD sweater for F sake! Take care of your children!!! And put more blankets on the bed!!