Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from a woman whose wonderful boyfriend likes anal, and says it's a deal breaker. She doesn't like it. Prudie says she should dump him, because he's evil for waiting a whole five months before telling her. Oh, and she makes a lot of butt jokes.
I say Prudie is again going to get in trouble with the "fetish" crowd. Except, of course, that anal is not a fetish: it's part of the repertoire. And Prudie, each partner doesn't have to enjoy each sex act equally.

The video letter is from a woman whose husband's siblings keep their childhood stuff permanently stored in her hubbie's childhood home in which he and she live. Prudie says to give them a warning that their stuff is leaving, one way or another.
I say, where is the husband in this? His siblings, his problem to deal with. But, yes, Prudie is right.

Letter 2 is from a young woman who is pregnant. Her partner's mother wants to pay off LW's student loans to help them out, but LW's older, childless future SIL is furious, accusing her of getting pregnant on purpose to curry favor. LW doesn't want to offend the bitch. Prudie says to take the money and push.
I say, what is LW supposed to do? Forego children so as to not make her future SIL jealous? Ignore the bitch. And yes, get your finances in order (and use birth control please!).

Letter 3 is a perplexing letter from a woman with an evil stepmother. I'll spare you the inplausible details. Prudie says to accept her father's overtures, but be wary.
I say I don't understand her story. If her father wanted to finance her studies, why didn't that happen? Why wouldn't she contact her father directly? But now that it's over, I really wouldn't bother with this spermdude.

Letter 4 is from a woman who has regular guests to her home who don't know when to leave. Prudie gives some advice.
I say, did you really need to write about this? See Miss Manners HERE.

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