Thursday, July 14, 2011

Advice Illustrated

Surely this killed the market for nude rock star photos?
Letter 1 is totally unlikely but a bit fun. It's from a woman who dated a now-famous rock star just as he was becoming famous. He dumped her (she was pregnant, he didn't know, she miscarried, but it ruined her life or something...). Now "his people" want to get their hands on some nude pics she has of him. She's tempted to seel them to a tabloid. Prudie says to consult a lawyer (less hating lately) and to try to negotiate a deal to sell the rights to "his people". I agree. And who really wants to see these nude pictures?

Only acceptable reference to "Adam's Rib"
Video letter is from a woman who acts like a Wiccan and feels oppressed by her community college professor who keeps bringing his Krazy Kristian beliefs into the class. Prudie says to talk about things in a general way with the teacher, and if not satisfied, to go to his higher ups. I say: I hate tattoos. And if you want to advertise your beliefs, you should be prepared for people to react to them. But teacher is indeed out of line. Is this a science class? Then he is teaching BS and is obviously unqualified (and maybe puts the school at risk of losing accreditation). Is this not a science class? Then why is he talking about the origin of the female of the species? Is this a religion class? Then you're kind of asking for it.

I'll have what they're having.
Letter 2 is from a guy whose wife takes a vacation alone once or twice a year. He's jealous and suspicious and pouty. Before reading Prudie's answer, here's mine: Get a grip! She goes on vacations with you, you say nothing about her neglecting you or giving your reason to suspect her of cheating at any other time. And if she is getting her cheating out of the way once a year in Miami, is that really so horrible? Prudie's only concern is that this is taking away from their common vacation time (which he doesn't complain about, so WTF?). Prudie's husband (since when do we hear what he thinks?) is sure she's cheating. My only addition after this is: go away on your own. And do what you please.

From the "there's no justice" file
Letter 3 is from someone who wants to know how to stop hating Casey Anthony. Prudie says to turn her energy from hatred to doing something positive for kids. I add: she wasn't found innocent: she was found not guilty.

Kid's got bags under its eyes. Time for some concealer.
Letter 4 is from someone whose sister keeps pestering them to vote for LW's nephew in "most beautiful baby" contests. LW has asked not to be bothered about these contests, of which they disapprove, but the emails and FB reminders keep coming. Before reading the answer, I say that this is something worth losing a relationship over. It's revolting (the contest) and the pestering is unacceptable. Tell sister that you will have to treat her like you do any other enterprise that makes unwanted solicitations of you. You will block her email address and unfriend her on FB. And if needed, follow through. Be willing to accept the fallout: it's worth it. (On the other hand, you could just ignore the pestering... she can't check on what you're doing after receiving it.)

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