Thursday, July 7, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Assuming Prudie is not a serial killer

I know it's obvious, but if Prudie goes there, I can too
Letter 1 is from a guy falsely accused of rape. He's not ready to date, and wants to know if he should tell.
Prudie decides "to take him at his word that he was falsely accused". So Prudence, you ***, are you going to add that comment to every single letter you reply to now? After that comment, I don't want to read your puke response.
So, dude, get help to get over this. And tell when the time is right.

Video letter is from a gal whose live-in guy farts in front of her. Prudence does not make a statement as to the veracity of the claim before responding that he needs to tighten up and she needs to loosen up. And that if he farts in front of her, it's because he feels at home. Yeah.

Letter 2 is from the daughter of an alcoholic father and an enabler mother. LW won't let 4yo grandson stay overnight with them or drive with grandpa. Recently grandparents took the boy to the restaurant without warning, and grandpa was driving. Hubby wants to confront his inlaws and set the rule that no cars ever again. LW thinks it will be futile, and that they should just make sure there's no cars ever again. I am confused as to how the two approaches differ.
Prudie makes no comment about the veracity of the LW's statement before saying that LW should worry about other people's children and get dad off the road. I agree. She also says to get help for themselves, do an intervention, and to make the scene (so she's with husband on this, as am I).

Correct reaction
Letter 3 is from a drama queen who caught her husband (oops, boyfriend of two years) cheating on her with a slutty coworker. She didn't DTMFA but keeps putting on the hysterics. Her ostensible question is about hating the slut less. After making on comment on the veracity of LW's story, Prudie correctly diagnoses the problem and tells her to dump him and get a grip.

Is it so hard to understand? I'd marry either of them, and I'm not into women
Letter 4 is from a parent who's getting his/her knickers in a twist because he/she doesn't know how to explain the concept of marriage equality to the 3yo. Prudie wastes some time with LW. I won't.

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Anonymous said...

If she doesn't want to believe the LWs, she shouldn't publish the letters. I agree with someone else's statement that groups only magnify whatever the problem was. I once attended a "tough love group" (for one whole meeting), where it seemed each parent wanted to one-up the next on how bad their child was, rather than working on how to improve the child's behavior. (Sorry I can't login.)