Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advice Illustrated. I'm cool with that (mostly).

Letter 1 is from a guy who has never been with anyone other than his wife. He's now wondering what it's like with other women.
Prudie suggests a separation or open marriage, but in any case, talking about it. I'm cool with that.

Video letter is from a woman who has an "artist" friend. Friend keeps giving horrible works of art as gifts despite lots of heavy hints.
Prudie suggests a final warning, then any additional monstrosities get dumped. I'm cool with that.

Letter 2 is from a (let's say) woman who is deformed from previously working for a control freak. She can't deal with the freedom to fail in her new position.
Prudie recommends prolonged exposure therapy, which is specifically designed to treat PTSD; or mindfulness therapy; or more traditional cognitive therapy. I'm cool with that. Or just stop worrying.

Letter 3 is from a child whose divorced has told him me about an affair that he recently had with LW's roommate's mother, whose husband is terminally ill. Father said he ended it when she went crazy and started to get possessive. Roommate's family is planning on having Thanksgiving dinner at LW's house. LW doesn't want to be around roommate's mother but doesn't want to tell all.
Prudie thinks LW should suck it up. I think LW should do the soup kitchen thing.

Letter 4 is from a woman who smokes pot now and then with hubby and friends. She fears her kids will find out. Her husband says deny, deny, deny. Shouldn't they be honest?
Prudie says LW and husband are dope fiends who will go to jail and destroy their family. Maybe. Prudie assumes as much... after suggesting they do a test by going off the daily dope for a week. Prudie seems to know that husband won't make it.
I say that sometime's it's great not to have kids.

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Anonymous said...

Can't post today. My take (by your leave):

1. Consider spicing it up with your wife. Get professional help (a counsellor, not a hooker) if necessary.

V. Tell her it doesn't fit your decor, and you hate for her to spend the time and money to produce something you won't use. Then box it up and return it.

2. Get over it. Re-reading e-mails before sending is usually a good idea. Ask for feedback from your new boss on how you are doing if you're still insecure.

3. Suck it up. Or cast the first stone at dinner. If you avoid all wrong-doers, you'll be lonely indeed.

4. Truthfully tell your son that you used to smoke it, but have since quit.