Thursday, October 13, 2011

AI: Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from a woman who hates guns, and whose husband really wants to kill people. 'He feels everyone has the right to bear arms.' Well, 'right' does not mean 'obligation'. 'I don't understand the point in having one for defense if it's locked up.' Indeed. 'Please Mr Home Invader ! Would you mind waiting there while I go to my gun cabinet in the locker and open the combination lock ?' This dispute is blocking their reproductive plans.
You don't want a gun in your house. If he brings a gun in your house, you can't live there. That's the end of the story : it's a dealbreaker.
Prudie says each has a point, and their (his in particular) refusal to admit the other has a point is disturbing. She says to go to a firing range (huh?) 'If your husband won’t get certified in safety and basic skills, then he’s undone his own argument about gun ownership.'

Video letter is from a mom who takes her kid to swim lesson, during which she manages to steel herself to wear a swimsuit. A dad has started taking first photos of his kid in the pool, and now VIDEO. Can she ask him to stop?
Prudie says to get over herself. So do I. (But thanks for drown-proofing your child: you're a crazy lady but a good parent.)

Letter 2 is from a newlywed man whose wedding was a disaster involving bloodshed and felony charges. Do they return their wedding gifts from the assaillant and victim ? Apologize to the other guests ?
At last an interesting wedding question. Prudie uses 'bloodshed' and 'assailant' too. Hee !
Prudie says no need to return gift from the killer. Tell victim you won't be cashing check, and offer to use some wedding gift money (namely from killer) for his expenses.

Letter 3 is from a woman whose friend lost her hair to chemo. Friend has always admired LW's hair, so LW wants to surprise her with a wig made from LW's hair. LW's hubbie thinks it lacks 'propriety'.
Prudie agrees. I don't. I would reformulate the gift : do it, and tell your friend you're donating the wig to an organization that does this kind of thing. Say that if she would like it herself, you would be honored to give it to her directly.
Prudie says there are other ways to help (meals, etc.). I say : we have no information that LW is not already doing all that.

Letter 4 is from a woman who lives far from her parents, resulting in infrequent but long visits. Her parents prefer that LW and family visit them, but parents are disgusting hoarder types.
Prudie correctly wonders if this is new behavior, and if it is, that there's something wrong with the parents that needs to be dealt with medically etc. In any case, refuse to go there and tell them to come to you.
Yes, was that so hard ?

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