Thursday, February 2, 2012

Advice Illustrated

It's Groundhog Day in the U.S. of A, and la Chandeleur (Candlemas) here, where the tradition is to make crepes. We're having a crepe party tonight!

Letter 1 is from a recently wed older woman who was hoping for an active child-free retirement with her new hubby. Alas, hubby is saddled with raising his teenage granddaughter. LW wants to fob the teen off on the mother (her step-daughter) who abandoned her so many years ago so that she can enjoy her comfy life without soccer practice.
I say: first, it's for just a couple more years (teen is 16, so she'll be an adult in 2 years, presumably off to college since she's doing well in school). Second, if you can't deal, divorce. Your husband has been this child's grandfather far longer than he's been your spouse. Yes, you are a wicked step-grandma.
Prudie agrees.

Video letter is from a woman whose mother won't shut up.Prudie wonders if this is new behavior, which can represent an illness, dementia, etc. Get her checked out. I agree.

Letter 2 is from a woman who had a stillbirth a few months ago. It was hard to get pregnant (she's 40) so it's a great loss. She has a problem with one of her friends: 'one of them in particular took the lead in sending word out and checking on me. “Ashley” has two kids and one on the way. She is a good friend, but some things she says are hurtful, such as: "I'm so much more blessed than you." Or she’ll call and chatter about how her daughter is giving her a hard time, then say she pities me because I don’t have children. Recently she asked if I was having the worst winter of my life. I responded that it wasn't the best, to which she said she was having a great winter.' LW asks how to deal with this.

I say, dump her. She's no good for you. This isn't a friendship.
Prudie says to tell her off and put her on probation, and to contact a support group.

Letter 3 is from a person whose brother and his wife haven't consummated their marriage. There are all sorts of issues, and he doesn't listen to the kind advice and suggestions he's received from the men in the family. I say, if he doesn't listen to advice, what are you supposed to do? Lock them in a room together? Tie her up so he can ravish her? It's not really your business. I'm voting annulment.
Prudie wants INTERVENTIONS. And a referral to Christian sex therapists. Huh?

Letter 4 is from a woman who wants to get back the quilt she made for her husband's late grandmother. The deceased's daughter and granddaughter think it should go to them. LW thinks this wish is more about spiting her than any love for this memento. Hubby doesn't want to take sides.
I say: he needs to take sides. Let it go to the mother, or if not, to him. He certainly has as much claim (more really) than his sister. But if he doesn't, let it go. Prudie's advice is probably wiser.

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