Saturday, January 16, 2010

DP Jan 14: One-by-one

A much better lot this week! Not a wedding, shower, or birthday in the lot (well, mostly).

LW1 is a guy who can see naked ladies in their bedrooms from his bedroom window. Should he tell his wife that he leers? Is it "adultery" (WTF?)? Prudie replies that it's not adultery, that he can enjoy himself, and that he might enjoy himself more if he invited his wife to enjoy the show.
My take: Prudie, you once again prove that you are man-hating hag. No, copping a peek at a beautiful naked woman is not adultery, and your advice that LW confess to his wife despite the certainty that she will divorce him for his lewd behavior is totally out of line. Oh... that wasn't her advice? She gave a sensible response that showed that curiosity is normal, that men look, that women might want to look too, and that sheer curtains will protect their own privacy? Never mind...

LW2 is a guy who works with his wife's sister. SIL told his wife some office gossip, and wife told LW, who let it slip that SIL's confidential communication was not respected. SIL furious, and relationship between SIL and wife now damaged. Prudie says to apologize profusely, and to avoid blaming the wife as he seems to want to do.
My take: Mostly agree with Prudie. But I do think the wife has a share of the blame, even though it's not productive to bring it into the discussion. But you're all being pretty silly about this, you babies. Let it go! Unless we can learn more about the funny story, I don't see why you're all so worked up about it. Wives share confidences with husbands. Husbands blurt out crap during lulls in conversation.

The video letter writer is a woman whose fiancé ransacked their home to find her diary, in which she wrote some less than flattering stuff about him. Now he insists she share her text messages, her email accounts, etc. Stupid VLW asked her future inlaws if they agreed with fiancé that this was normal behavior. They took his side (duh). Prudie says run.
My take: VLW is so stupid, she deserves this dude.Maybe he'll kill her in a jealous rage before they reproduce more psychopaths and cretins.

LW3 is a woman who gave in to her whining husband's plea to get a tarantula. She hates spiders and now has panic attacks and nightmares. She's preggers and worries about risk to baby. Prudie says there is a risk to the baby, and a compromise would be to put the critter in the garage.
My take: Lots of babies here. He's a baby for whining to get a pet you hate. You're a baby for not putting your foot down once you realized how disturbing the presence of the critter was for you. And now you are having your own baby. I think there's still time for an abortion and a divorce. Why would you want to stay with this man who loves his tarantula more than you? Why would you want this man to be in your life forever as the father of your child?

LW4 is a female law student looking for summer work down the line. A lawyer proposed that she work two days on "an assignment". The whole first day the recently divorced dude sobbed about his lovelife, and asked about hers. She was uncomfortable, and emailed him that she wouldn't be coming in for the second day. He now keeps calling, texting, and emailing to find out what the problem is. Prudie says to write and tell him clearly that his behavior was inappropriate and that he must refrain from any further contact. If he persists, take it to the cops.
My take: What's so hard about ignoring him? You delete the emails (or block his address), you don't take his calls, you block his number on your cell phone. I agree with Prudie in principle, but worry about your situation as someone about to start your career, and the influence a conflict with this guy can have on it down the road. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd keep up the ignoring. Another suggestion: have your husband reply, and have him say that the next time he has to do it, it'll be in person.

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