Saturday, January 16, 2010

Top Chef and Masterchef in France?

It appears that French versions of Masterchef and Top Chef will soon be on French TV, TF1 and M6 respectively.

M6 has had a series of successful cooking shows, notably the import Un dîner presque parfait (Come Dine With Me), and a home-grown star chef, Cyril Lignac.

I do doubt the success of these new shows. The French are quite able to destroy a proven concept, such as Dancing With the Stars, or, closer to the subject at hand, Ready, Steady, Cook.

Hosted by a pleasant and attractive host, but scheduled on a Saturday at midday (ratings death),rather than daily, the show failed above all because it was French. The contestants all were proud of their own cooking, and brought ingredients they already knew how to make into a good meal. Even worse, the chefs could only make French dishes the traditional French way, and showed none of the creativity and spirit of improvisation that makes the original so entertaining. Rather than the three or four dishes a British chef would make, the French chefs laboriously put out a single, perfectly crafted dish showing all their technical skills.


Let's hope Top Chef and Masterchef have better producers (they're on private channels, so there's a chance).

(But can Masterchef be a success without Lloyd??? Masterchef Goes Large was a great disappointment....)

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