Sunday, February 21, 2010

DP Feb 18: One-by-one

LW1 has recovered from an abusive mother and cut off contact with her and her siblings and half-siblings. Now a younger half-sister, who has an ongoing relationship with mom, wants LW to join that big happy family. LW doesn't want to get back into that, but doesn't want to hurt the well-meaning younger half-sister. Prudie advises to tell the sister that she can't be involved in the family, period. Thanks, but no thanks.
My take: Prudie's right. It might be different if sister wasn't close to your mother, but she is, and that's bad for you.

LW2 is a trophy wife who is unhappy that the wives of her husband's friends don't seem to like her. This is made worse by husband's comments that these men all think she's just so hot. LW takes refuge in child care when they all get together. Prudie advises to join the party, but to also make her own friends among young mothers her age.
My take: Prudie's right. I want to know whether this is LW's husband's second or third marriage.

LW3 is worried about their toddlers seeing her husband's large tattoo of a joint-smoking tiger on his back, a relic of his rebellious youth. Both LW and hubbie were wild youths, but she wants her own kids to be obedient bots. Tattoo is too large to have removed. Prudie advises not to worry about this, and if anything must be done to the tattoo, add something to turn the joint into something else (dildo?).
My take: Prudie's right. This is not a big deal, and if you think you must do something about it, Prudie's solution seems very common-sensical. But LW does need to get used to the idea that her children will rebel, whether she likes it or not. Maybe it's better to explain why the tattoo is there than to pretend it never existed?

LW4 is a woman who discreetly pointed out to another woman at the supermarket that the woman's fly was open. Husband thinks this is wrong, and that it's better not to tell, thus allowing the person to think that maybe noone's noticed. Prudie advises that husband is nuts. Please tell.
My take: Prudie's right. Who would ever think no-one noticed? (Had this happen to me this week...)

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