Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nadine Morano has some identity issues

In which Marc explains the news from France.

The "national great national debate on national identity of the nation" launched by Nicolas Sarkozy and run by the traitor Eric Besson has run its predictable pre-electoral race-baiting, immigrant-hating, Islamophobic course... or rather, has been nipped in the bud before more members of Sarkozy's party made more blatant racist "gaffes". Instead of the final major conference to sum up the results of the regional events (in short: immigrants bad, Muslims bad, foreigners bad, Africans bad), the process was aborted in the form of a cabinet seminar, in which various members of the cabinet yelled at Besson for fraking things up.

Among the fraking-uppers was Nadine Morano, minister of Family Affairs. During this long debate period, she said: "Moi, ce que je veux du jeune musulman, quand il est français, c'est qu'il aime son pays, c'est qu'il trouve un travail, c'est qu'il ne parle pas le verlan, qu'il ne mette pas sa casquette à l'envers" (What I expect from a young Muslim man, when he's French, is that he loves his country, that he finds a job, that he doesn't speak slang, and that he doesn't wear his baseball cap backwards.).

Today, Nadine Morano, the minister of moralizing (I'd say more, but she has a history of suing people who tell the truth about her), was questioned about the end of the debate. One of the "outcomes" of the cabinet seminar was the establishment of a blue-ribbon panel to think about the issues raised by the debate. The interviewer cited Georges Clemenceau, who said that the best way to bury an issue was to name a committee to study it. Morano replied: "Clemenceau a le droit de dire ce qu'il souhaite. C'est son analyse, pas la mienne" (Clemenceau is entitled to think as he pleases. That's his analysis, not mine). Nadine, a government minister, seems to ignore the identity of one of the most famous names in French history, the namesake for one of France's only aircraft carriers, prime minister during WWI, Clemenceau, The Tiger.

Message to Nadine: he's dead. He's been dead for some 80 years.

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