Thursday, February 4, 2010

DP Feb 4, One-by-one

LW1: Huh? Your wife had sex with a guy before you were a couple. What's the big deal? Get the fuck over it!

VLW: Gosh, maybe if you didn't make people wait for 3 hours to get a living person on the line, they might be able to schedule their personal hygiene at a more suitable time.

LW2: You were dating, you weren't married. Why do you want to hit the self-destruct button on your marriage?

LW3: Prudie has good advice. There's also the option of handing him the butcher knife and inviting him to commit seppuku. When he doesn't, you can ask him what he's going to make of his new life.

LW4: This must be fake. Who would work under these conditions? And why in the world is it LW's husband's problem if the guy who's generous with other people's money gets in trouble? (Pretending to be charitable with other people's money is a particular peeve of mine... made more relevant by the Haiti earthquake... Oh, Bertrand Delanoe, what a hero you are for giving my money for aid to Haiti!).

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