Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Prudence, 10 June 2010, One-by-one: Lessons learned

This week's theme: Lessons learned, with the key lesson being these folks are gonna get it good from Bibo Sez.

Letter 1 is from an adult woman who has recently read the diary of her mother, who died when Letter Writer was a teen. In the diary, her mother expresses her disappointment with her daughter (LW), which is at odds of the memories of a loving and supportive mother. How can she keep her good memories of her mother now that she's read the "truth". Prudie advises that a diary is a secret place to write ones fears and anxieties, and that it's not the reality of her relationship with her mother.
My take: Yes. It's not "the" truth, it's one truth, and not the most important. Lesson learned: you know that if a story sounds like Pandora's Box, it's probably gonna have a bad ending.

Video Letter is from a woman who goes out with the girls once in a while, with her husband babysitting. He goes out with the guys, riding MOTORCYCLES, and stays out much later than she does when she goes out. Prudie says this is not a problem unless he's drinking and biking.
My take: So do I. Lesson learned: this will make a great Bibo Sez.

Letter 2 is from a woman who holds church meetings in her home. One of the church ladies told her that her husband had lustful thoughts, and made strange gestures when she saw LW wearing a blouse with the top button unbuttoned. She made LW so uncomfortable (in her own home) that she went and changed blouses. Prudie says it must be hard to be this woman with her philandering spouse, and she should recommend counseling to her, while covering up as much as possible. (Prudie later says she misunderstood the LW, and that the husband was probably not a philanderer, but says LW should still recommend counseling.)
My take: It's not your job to enable this woman's jealousy. Wear what you please. Lesson learned: when you go to church, you meet sexually repressed prudes.

Letter 3 is from a guy who broke up with a girl who writes all about how evil he was on her blog. Prudie says that he should ask her to remove his initials and the photos of him from her blog. She also points out that she's doing herself no good by showing herself to potential dates as a self-centered over-sensitive bitch with no respect for her boyfriends.
My take: Far better to set up a competing blog. Do publish the sex tape. Do tell all the gory details about her personal hygiene. If she bitches, tell her you'll take your blog down when she takes hers down. Lesson learned: do not date women who are literate and computer savvy. I feel a bit of Bibo Sezing coming on.

Letter 4 if from a woman who wants to know if she should give her coworker a heads-up on her approaching termination. Prudie says she should keep quiet, but since the woman is on probation already, she should remind her that she really should be getting ready to look for another job.
My take: You are not your sister's keeper. Lesson learned: your employer is not your daddy, your company is not your family, and you owe them as much loyalty at they owe you, which is to say, not very much.


The Oracle at Del-Fly said...

The Sage has noted that you fail to provide a link to the Mystic Cave from your site. Jocko and the Wrench would like to discuss this matter with you later.

Kati said...

Love the pix, particularly of poor Carter who owned up to a bit of lust....

Can't wait to read the take from the Bibo...