Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Prudence, 24 June 2010, One-by-one: Over-reactions

The theme of the week is over-reaction...

Read the originals HERE.
Letter 1 is from a woman whose employer "motivates" top performers by making them do a little dance in the lobby. Prudie says to get together as a group and tell management this is not acceptable. Or threaten a lawsuit for sexual harrassment.
My take: I want to see video of this.

Video letter is from a woman who discovered that a fellow school mom has a relative who is a registered sex offender living with her. Letter writer now wants everyone to shun this woman and her child. Is she over the top? Prudie says, yes. The child, in particular, needs contact with other people who can support her in case of any problems.
My take: Prudie is right. Try to get over your paranoia and do what's best for everyone, including this woman and her child. Or maybe you can just organize the villagers for a torchlight march on this home to send the lot of them to "live" under the bridge.

Letter 2 is from a woman whose BF gets violently angry with objects, such as a slow PC. Prudie diagnoses Intermittend Explosive Disorder, and says the guy's a menace and needs help.
My take: Maybe. But I'd be wary of online diagnoses from the advice lady.

Letter 3 is from a child whose father is incapacitated by a stroke, and whose mother died suddenly a few months ago. It turns out that she was the victim of medical malpractice, with a wrong diangnosis. Their Canadian, so don't want a malpractice suit, but just an apology. Should their father be told? Prudie says, yes, because he's likely to hear it from someone by accident. But tell him the bare minimum, and let him be the judge for how much detail is needed. (Prudie wonders in passing why it would be considered acceptable in Canada to be satisfied with an apology, and not more concrete action.)
My take: I agree with Prudie, including with her amazement that you are expecting merely an apology, rather than action that would protect others from this kind of horrible treatment.

Letter 4 is from someone who has friends over, and has now learned via Facebook that one of them had -- gasp! -- scabies. Shouldn't the guest have stayed home, or at least come to the party with the scarlet letter "S" on his chest? Prudie says that scabies is not that contagious, and that guest may have gotten the OK from his doctor. But if he has transmitted scabies to y'all, he deserves a tongue lashing.
My take: This reminds me of the good old days when the worst thing that could happen in social relations was genital herpes.

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