Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Prudence, 15 July 2010, One-by-one: Take prompt action!

The originals are HERE.
On the whole, people who've been wasting or will be wasting time. Take prompt action now!

Letter 1 is from a fantastic independent beautiful woman who's BF watches porn, yet still manages to bonk her twice a day. He "defended" himself by saying he liked women with bigger breasts, and so why doesn't she get a boob job? Prudie says LW should say she'll get a boob job when he gets his penis enlarged.
My take: Problem starts with him having to "defend" himself for watching porn. After that point, I don't want to hear anything out of your pie hole, LW!

Video letter is from a OCD guy who gets all worked up when people lick their fingers to flick through pages of a document that he has to handle afterwards. Prudie tells him to get a real problem.
My take: Get your very own laminator and put every paper you handle under wipeable plastic.

Letter 2 is from a golden-age woman who wants to enjoy her golden-age freedom to travel as a romantic couple with her hubby. His 80-year-old parents expect them to take them with them on vacation. Prudie says they don't have to do it, that there are other options for the in-laws to holiday, and that hubby's out-of-state siblings should be doing more.
My take: LW is stupid.

Letter 3 is from a social-worker type who's also bipolar. Whenever she has a disagreement with your young intern, intern claims that it's because LW is bipolar. Prudie says to have a frank discussion with intern to let her know it's hurtful and unprofessional. And then if the behavior doesn't stop, go to the higher-ups.
My take: Skip the heart-to-heart and report the twit. It's not like there aren't lots of potential staffers for social work jobs. If this girl is a "trained professional" and she's pulling this BS, she's not worth saving.

Letter 4 is from a woman who made a beautiful homemade arrangement of flowers from her garden for the funeral of her stepbrother. One of her sisters and her stepsisters keep harassing her about being "cheap". Prudie says to give the bitches one warning then cut off relations.
My take: Skip the warning and cut off the bitches. They're from the school of rubes that think that a Hallmark card is better than a handwritten note, and a pink rental limo better than your father's car for your wedding.


Kati said...

Yes! To the last paragraph and the rest!

Schuyler =^oo^= said...

Marc: "My take: Skip the warning and cut off the bitches."

I cried. Poetry, my friend.