Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Prudence, 8 July 2010, One-by-one: WTF?

The originals are HERE.
An awful lot of strange behavior here.

Letter 1 is from a young woman who's started her great internship in the entertainment industry by getting drunk and taken to the home of her boss who sexually assaulted her, at least until she puked in his living room. Youthful indiscretion or crime? Prudie says youthful indisretion and she should shape up and show she's a responsible person.
My take: WTF? OK, she got drunk, too drunk to drive. But what's this about: "I wound up too drunk to drive home. One of the bosses took me home with him, and when we got there he repeatedly tried to kiss me." He should have been driving her to his home, or far, far better, she should be in a taxi, or sleeping on a couch in the office. He did commit assault, but really, what was she doing going home with him????

Video letter is from a woman who can't bear sleeping with her husband. He's hairy and clingy while sleeping. She's not getting any sleep. Prudie says to tell hubby not to touch her while sleeping. And Prudie zings the LW for insufficient enthusiasm about her sex life.
My take: You'll get used to it.

Letter 2 is from a parent whose young child saved money to buy an expensive video game console. A few years later, the boy's uncle offered to buy the console, which suited the boy, since it allowed him to upgrade. Uncle has yet to pay the final 20-dollar instalment on his payment plan. Prudie says to write it off.
My take: Uncle's lost his job. He'll be selling this aged console on e-Bay soon to pay the rent. Give him a break. (This story hits my pathos nerve pretty hard... brrrrr.) Also, hate the LW signing off as "Mama Bear". Gonna protect your baby from his mean old uncle? WTF?

Letter 3 if from a gay guy whose colleague made an isolated semi-homophobic remark. She's apologized and he accepted, but can't let it go. He wants to let her know how hurt he was. Should he? Prudie says let it go.
My take: Stop whining you scrotum!

Letter 4 is from a woman whose sister is expecting her first baby. Sis is having four baby showers, and has signed up for every item on every registry in town. Should she tell her sister she thinks this is too much? Prudie says to gently suggest that she should consolidate her showers.
My take: WTF? You don't hold your own shower, so why is she involved in any registry for one (let alone four)? But there's no good intervening here. Attend one shower and one shower only, and bring a gift if you choose, and of your choice.

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Kati said...

Hello my favorite Misanthrope!

Love that sweet kitty cat and that toothy baby and the hairy guy (he probably doesn't want to sleep with himself either --way too hot! --on the other hand he could go out naked in the winter --except for a hat but I don't know if he would need shoes since the pix doesn't show his feet?) and and...

Thanks for all these neat illustrations.