Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Prudence, 22 July 2010, One-by-one: There are limits, people!

The letters and answers from Prudie are to be found HERE.

This week, you really wonder if these people don't deserve the hells they've been making for themselves.

Letter 1 is from a newlywed whose recently joblessed husband is picky and violent. He throws things, but not quite yet at her. Prudie says he needs counseling, and that she should be ready to dump him.
My take: DTMFA. You've only been married a month. Get it annulled. If he really wants to change, you can remarry later. You might get some counseling, too. Like to find out why you are such a dumb cluck. If you do stay with him, and he does some physical damage to you, Prudie and I warned you. (And along the way, tell him that if wants the dishes out of the dishwasher, he can fucking do it himself.)

Video letter is preceded by one of the Amway ads. What's with that???? The voice of the Letter Write is June Thomas, which is always nice to hear. June's husband cheated on her with a coworker, but they've reconciled. He's going off on a work retreat or something. She's worried that something will happen at the Maui Holiday Inn. Prudie says LW is right to worry. But why can't she express her concerns to her husband?
My take: Now we know why he's looking elsewhere. He's not really married to LW.

Letter 2 is from a woman who attempted suicide a few years ago. She's now engaged, and wonders if she should tell him about this event from her past. Prudie says yes.
My take: Duh.

Letter 3 is from a worker whose boss and other people congregate in front of her cubicle, distracting her. She doesn't want to come off as a grump. Prudie says to try to switch locations to a more quite venue.
My take: Yes, these people should be working, not chatting (please don't let me get going on the American canard about the French having soooo much vacation time and soooo short working hours... my observation is that [some] Americans spend lots of time at work, but not that much time working), but the real problem is the DAMN CUBICLES. They are horrible places to work! Employers, please come to your senses and spend some money on enclosed office space for all. It's already clear that the social control aspect of open plan offices doesn't work. The boss is malingering, not observing his underlings malingering.

Letter 4 is from an ecofriendly gal who loves herself a bit of AC in the summer. Her greener-than-thou friend keeps nagging her about using AC. Prudie says to tell friend to shut up, or they'll have to stop seeing each other in hot weather.
My take: If all she has to say when she comes over is how much of a pig you are, maybe you wouldn't be losing much of a friend if you simply pulled the plug permanently on this relationship? You might remind her first that the best way she could reduce her own carbon footprint would be to commit suicide. Offer her a knife (seppuku is a green way to die).


Kati said...

Love the cubicle pix, and that handsome newly wed dude who has some difficulty buckling up, and he lady on fire and.....

CoolOne said...

I haven't had time to look at this week's yet, since I want to have time to savor them. (The victims, not the letters.)

Cubicles are a holdover from the "open classroom" days of the 1970s. They didn't work, either. Don't ask me how I know this.