Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Prudence, 12 August 2010, One-by-one: Family, friends, and debts of cash and services

The Prude in Chief can be found HERE.

Letter 1 is from a woman who dropped out of college to care for her dying mother. She borrowed some money from her father for living expenses during that time, and now dad wants the money back. On top of this, he has shared nothing of mom's insurance payout. Prudie says to have a heart-to-heart and be ready to part ways with evil dad.
My take: Remember Strangers on a Train? Take out an insurance policy on dad and get aboard a train.

Video letter is from a woman who worries about what last name to use if whe marries her BF. Stupid question. I've dealt with this already, HERE.
And some phunny names HERE.

Letter 2 is another letter demonstrating that cross-cultural marriages are problematic. Letter Writer's overseas inlaws paid for a good chunk of her newlywed house, and now they're coming to America to live in the master bedroom. Prudie says to just say no, take: sell the house.
My take: Duh. Two tidy little houses in the same city are what's called for her.

Letter 3 is beyond me. What's with Prudie saying "And if he gets the nerve to ask you out, tell him you're not in the market"??? How dare a guy with acne ask out a single woman!

Letter 4 is from a woman who wants other people to pay for her charitable donations. Prudie says to let it go, but not just yet.
My take: Let it go, now.

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CoolOne said...

My ancestors had some issues with names, because of what MessyOne said in your other post. They made it easy. If one generation was "Doe", the next was "Doh", and the next was "Doe" again. The ones changing names wanted to keep their name, but not to be associated with the previous generation.

Simpler - MUCH simpler [ than your plan is what a friend did. Sons get Dad's name and daughters get Mom's. Whenthey come of age or get married, they can either change it or keep it, depending upon the relationship with the previous generation.