Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Prudence, 26 Aug 2010, One-by-one: Maybe Prudence does hate men

The letters and Prudie's stupid answers can be found HERE.

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Maybe Prudence does hate men. Or maybe she's useless on an equal-opportunity basis

Letter 1 is from a guy who's crazy wife assaulted him, provoking him to respond in kind. Prudie says to get help.
My take: I guess so. But when I hear the bla bla "self-esteem issues" bla bla bla, I don't hold out much hope for good behavior. I think I'd get out while the getting is less bad than it will be when babies 2, 3 and 4 arrive.

Video letter is from a woman has a newish BF who says he moves slow and who has yet to say those three little words. No, not "fuck off, now!" or "You needy bitch!". Prudie says she's right to hate him, hate him, hate him. Or rather, find a way to discuss the issue bla bla bla. No help at all.
My take: Lay off the guy!

Letter 2 is from a girl who is socially inept and thinks she has Asperger's. Her parents hate mental illness. Should she tell them what she suspects? Prudie says that she should break the news as if she were preparing for one of those science projects she excells at (cuz the LW is Asian, of course) and tell them it makes her exceptional and likely to do well in science or something.
My take: Prudie's putting a lot of the burden on this 14-year-old girl. How about support from your doctor? Your school counselors?

Letter 3 is from a woman who preferred to go on her prepaid vacation to Aruba rather than to the funerals of two uncles. She worries that she's a "bad person". Prudie says she is.
My take: So do I. She should have planted a palm tree in their name while there. Or said that she was going to a previouslee scheduled memorial service for Natalee Holloway.

Letter 4 is from a temp worker who's been wrangled into doing some regular grocery shopping (bread and fruit) for an old man at work. She's noted other temps doing the same for him. She thinks that he has problems doing his grocery shopping. Prudie says to take this to her superiors for them to ensure that he has the social support he needs.
My take: I guess. She could also recommend a place that delivers, or an online grocery website. What does he do for doctor's appointments, etc.? Then again, he may just like having an excuse for interactions with pretty young temps. Then again, this letter may be a fake, inspired by a recent episode of Mad Men ("Did you get pears?!").


Seoul Sister said...

Okay, now I'm going to have to read the letters for realz. So I can further comment on the Austic Asian letter writer. :)

Kati said...

the advice is sound, the pix are hilarious, particularly the first one!

Tonto said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for little kids like the anime girl who have to stay inside and do their homework when it's nice outside. They shouldn't have to know what working for a living feels like that soon in life.