Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Prudence, 19 Aug 2010, All-in-one: Mommy Dimmest

The five letters this composite is based on can be found HERE.

Dear Prudence,

I’m writing for some advice about a conflict with my son’s father.

We had a great relationship for the first few weeks, until he discovered that I was a nymphomaniac with a serious sex addiction problem, due to my being sexually assaulted as a child (that's the story I tell... in fact, the guy I accused of molesting me was just a mildly creepy guy with Down Syndrome I saw at an Interstate rest area). He was a virgin when we first hooked up, and I figured I would have a better chance of bedding (or back-seating him, as it turns out) if I told him I was a virgin too. When he finally figured out that the stains on our mattress were not related to a “woman’s problem” (the first explanation that came to me when he asked what they were), but rather were the remains of my six other boyfriends at the time, he dumped me, saying that I was “not only a slut, but a liar”.

Anyhow, before he left, he got me knocked up, and once our son was born, he started raising him. I do have visitation rights once a week, so our son stays in my small one-bedroom apartment a few days each month.

I’d like to have an apartment with a spare bedroom for my son, but I don’t have much ready cash, since I’ve not been too lucky career-wise. I tend to get fired for fraternization with the male staff, which they claim impairs teamwork. Anyhow, I did have a lead for a great job recently, but it didn’t work out. I have a strong suspicion that my bitch of a cousin, who’s quite high up in the firm, had something to do with blackballing me. Jealous cunt.

Because my place is so small, my son sleeps in my bed when he’s here, unless I have a guy over (which is most of the time), when he sleeps on the loveseat in the living room.

Now that the kid’s hit his growth spurt, the loveseat’s getting too small. The kid’s dad says that sleeping in my bed is inappropriate (whatever), and has given me some cash to buy a new sofabed. The thing is, one of my current BF’s has given me an engagement ring, and when I went back to the jewellery shop to have it resized, I let myself be talked into trading up to a bigger model, using the sofabed money to pay the difference.

The father is furious about this, and is threatening to have my parental rights removed.

My question, Prudie, is: platinum or white gold?


Mommy Dimmest

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