Thursday, March 10, 2011

Advice Illustrated; Rolling my goo-goo eyes

Letter 1 is from a gal who has a half-sister the product of her father's affair. Half-sib is pregnant and wants LW to be part of the child's life. LW doesn't want to upset her mother, who remained married to dad, or dad, who paid child support but has had no other contact with half-sib. Prudie says that dad was a crappy dad to his other daughter, and that LW doesn't need her parents' permission to have a relationship with her half-sister.
I say, yeah. And wear a condom, guys, when you sleep around.

Video letter is from a guy whose friend is applying to grad school, and using LW's accomplishments to pad his own resumé. Prudie says that if it's really true, LW needs to call him on it, in a nice way.
I say, whatever.

Letter 2 is a clerical worker in a law firm. All staff were invited to the firm's St Patrick's party (huh?), but she later learned that as a pink collar she is supposed to be doing coat check. She played along last year, but doesn't know what to do this year. Prudie says this is work, so do it.
I say, if the party's not during office hours, it's not work, and it she's supposed to work, she should be paid. Ah, those damn unions.

Letter 3 is from a mom whose future DIL is a bridezilla, who is making LW buy a dress in an unattractive color. Prudie points out that weddings should not be Broadway shows with a color-coordinated cast of characters. A bride does not tell her guests what color to wear, even less when it's an elder, even lesser when it's her MIL.
I say that this is the aspect of weddings many gays really long for.

Letter 4 is from a girl who is flirting with a coworker. Due to a cinematic malentendu et quiproquo, he thinks she is someone else. Prudie says to fix this.

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