Thursday, April 28, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Can't see the common thread

Letter 1 is from a woman with a medical condition that makes her look like a child. When she travels with her husband, they often have to deal with the police and others who think he is a pedophile, in part because of their different ethnicities. Her husband no longer wishes to travel. Prudie says to travel, to be prepared with the proper documentation, and to remain calm.
I say: Yeah.

Video letter is from a woman who read her BF's diary, where she found an old entry about his dissatisfaction with his life and his attraction for his boss. Prudie agrees that the open diary in their shared office was too tempting to resist. Tell the BF and ask if they need to talk.
I say: This is why we have repression. Repress!

Letter 2 is from a woman who donated bone marrow for a transplant. Her donee keeps contacting her to thank her. She's getting tired of it. Prudie says to tell him to lay off.
I say: I thought these donations were anonymous?

Letter 3 is from a guy who dates a lot and is getting tired of picking up the tab. How can he suggest splitting the bill without looking like a creep? Prudie says that if he's asking out and choosing the restaurant, he should pay for the first date, and that it's a good investment. By the third date, if she's not offering to split the bill, he should say: "Shall we split the bill?". (Was that so hard?) Prudie can't resist making him sound like a creep because he goes out with women he's not serious about, which she interprets as him just wanting to bonk them.
I say: Prudie, get your dirty mind out of the gutter. A gentleman can enjoy the company of a lady without being obsessed with getting laid. There is a middle ground between sex addict and husband, and we would do well to give space to it! Prudence is caught in a narrow world between prudish monogamy and bestial sexuality. Grow!

Letter 4 is about a wedding, so I'm tempted to ignore it. But the woman is soooo crazy... Anyhow, LW was a bridesmaid 5 years ago. Last year she had her own, smaller wedding, and invited her friend, but without asking her to be her bridesmaid. Non-BM claimed illness to not attend wedding, and cut off all contact. LW has now learned from her that non-BM was horribly, horribly hurt by not being asked to be BM. Prudie says to drop the crazy lady.
I say: So do I. Is there such as thing as a non-bridesmadzilla?

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