Thursday, April 14, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Hairy tater tots on menu for Easter dinner cum graduation party for ungrateful DIL

Prudence resides on Slate.

Letter 1 is from a woman whose fiancé only eats kiddy food. She gives lots of reasons why this bothers her. He says it's a "problem" but refuses to do anything to change. Prudie says lots of stuff. I agree with this bit: is this a deal breaker? Yes or no.

BTW: "my husband is a picky eater" yields over 400,000 Google hits.

Video letter is from a person whose colleague wears low-cut tops showing off her hairy chest. LW hates the mocking and gossip this generates from her colleagues. How should she approach this problem? Prudie says to ignore the problem, or talk to HR ("in the name of office productivity"). I say the people to talk to are the gossiping and mocking coworkers.

Letter 2 is from a student graduating from medical school whose older brother won't come to the ceremony, and who has never visited LW in all the years spent in med school. It's not a money problem, since brother and SIL go on exotic vacations often. LW has visited brother several times on own dime. Prudie says to speak up on how hurt this makes LW, then say no more, and determine if LW wants to keep up the traveling in future.
I say we lack enough background, but yeah, what she said.

Letter 3 has been invited to Easter dinner along with a friend who proved not to be not much of a friend in a difficult moment. She doesn't want to spend the event with him. Prudie says to tell her hostess, but that she wants to make the best of it and give the guy a chance. Prudie says there are ways to understand his bad behavior, and she might just end up liking him again. I say, sure.

Letter 4 gets USD 80 from her FIL each year for her birthday, while her husband gets USD 100. It irks her. Should she ask him why? Prudie mockingly suggests a snarky attack on the FIL, showing the LW to be an ingrate and a dolt. I say, the LW is an ingrate and a dolt. Maybe when FIL dies, she and hubby can offer separate wreathes, and hers can be 20% smaller than his.

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