Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Where are the problems?

Prudence resides HERE.

Searching for images, I found this website.

Letter 1 is from a woman whose boyfriend hacked her email, and now uses info about her pre-relationship sexual history to treat her as a promiscuous slut. How can they get beyond this. Prudie says she has learned a Very Important Lesson about this guy. She says to DTMFA. I say I refuse to talk to you, you stupid, stupid, foolish, foolish slut. Indeed, I can only assume that your sluttish ways have given you syphilis, and that it has affected your mind if you need to write the internet lady for advice on this.
The problem is: The LW is a dolt.

The video letter is from a guy whose younger sister and husband have a new baby but who keep up with their hard-drinking lifestyle. Should he speak up? Prudie says regular alchohol abuse is bad, bad, bad. I say if it's abuse (not sure that regular partying is abuse) then intervene, but that has little to do with the new baby. My concern would be their transportation solutions. Unless the LW wants to become the foster parent to an orphan, an intervention may be needed.
The problem is: Not the LW's business.

Letter 2 is from a woman who commutes via public transport and can't stand the smells (BO, fragance) of her fellow commuters. Can she tell them to move to a farther seat if she was seated first? Prudie says there's no way to do this with a stranger and if she wants more distance, she needs to move herself. I say: duh. But people: please wash, and please use fragrance sparingly, if at all (excessive perfume and cologne is one of the downsides of living in France).
The problem is: The LW needs to get over herself and change seats.

Letter 3 is from a tutor of a disabled student who has told her that she cheated on a test (and cheated well: she got her first A!). Should she tattle? Prudie says to tell the parents, and if the parents don't follow through, to stop working for this amoral family. She's handicapped but maintains a B- average in an AP class? Huh? I wouldn't want to make a pronouncement on this without knowing more details, but something seems off. As for the cheating, it depends on her understanding of the gravity of what she did. If she understood it, then sock it to her. If she didn't, then make her understand, but don't put her future at risk for a one-off.
The problem is: Ethics sucks.

Letter 4 is from a student whose divorced parents just don't get along, but who want to throw a joint graduation party. She's said no based on their history of loud bickering and lawsuits. Prudie says have a planning dinner as a test run of their ability to get along. I say: they have always had separate events and now want to try a joint one? Give them a chance. It's a moist run for your wedding.
The problem is: Barely existant.

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