Thursday, June 30, 2011

Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from the father of two hot teen girls who mow the lawn in bathing suits. Repressed and repressive neighbor has caught his home-schooled sons (among his litter of EIGHT) ogling the girls, and wants LW to make them cover up.
My answer: fuck off. You want to remove your kids from the temptations of the world? Make them wear blinders. Paint their bedroom windows black. Poke their eyes out. But don't impose your negative, hateful values on your neighbors. Don't like the scenery? MOVE.
Now what does Prudie say?
Prudie agrees, in a less violent fashion. (And just what kind of will power or faith or whatever is it when there are no temptations to test it?)

Video letter is from a college guy who keeps mooning over a girl he fell in love with in high school. Should he try to find her and finally tell her he LURVES her. Prudie says that he has invested far too much in this fantasy, and to start dating some girls from his own college. I say, yeah.
(When I did an image search for "daydreaming", almost all the images were of girls. "Interesting".)

(evil cousin)
Letter 2 is from a woman who's husband's married cousin has a thing for hubby. Turns out that when he was a child, cousin molested him. He doesn't want to make a scene and is too "easy-going" to do anything. LW wants to take action, but what? I say, kill her.
What does Prudie say?
She says to get her husband to therapy (agree), and to protect him from the cousin (agree). Give him the words he needs to make clear to her that she is to stay as far away from him as possible at future family gatherings.
I say, yes. And add that if she doesn't, his wife will kill her. His is not the only family with crazies.

Letter 3 is from a woman with a somewhat detail-ridden problem that involves her missing her hometown now that she lives in Texas with her new husband. I got nothing. Get over it?
What does Prudie say?
She says to make the most of her good fortune in finding someone to love, and to enjoy her new city life, and share it with friends from back home. Basically tells her to get over it. I agree.

Letter 4 is from a person in a training camp (or something... too much pointless detail) who has to work with a guy who picks his nose. How can she get him to stop while still keeping a relationship that allows them to work together? I would say: "Stop that!" I was told by a friend in college to stop sniffing. While I was mortified at the time, I am glad that I was made aware of this annoying habit.
Prudie says to narc on him to a superior, that he may be mentally ill, that his future students will appreciate it. Whatever. There's an Iranian sports photographer who has been disappeared by the authorities on route to the Women's World Cup in Germany. That's a problem. You can sign a petition calling for her release here:

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