Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the news: a doozy for Le Parisien

For lack of time, I've stopped doing my daily review, but I am impelled to do one because of the horrible edition of Le Parisien today.

Mayor of Sarkozyist 15th Arrondissement is upset becaue due to routine maintenance and a variety of technical problems, only one pool is open at the moment in the Arrondissement. He does not apologize for his own party's lack of investment in sports facilities during the 20+ years they were in power in Paris.

Cover and first two pages are about UFOs! They're back! And of course, UFO means intelligent alien life forms. Duh. A headline says "One in five sighting is inexplicable". Not "unexplained". "Inexplicable." When you read the article, the expert quoted says in fact that 22% of sightings remained unidentified. That's all. Le Parisien is evil.

In the DSK story of the day, the "victim's" lawyer is calling on employees of Air France to tell all about what a boor DSK was on flights (because being a pig is the same as being a rapist.) Le Parisien tells us that lawyer Taylor was tipped off by a letter from a staff member written in "perfect English". Which leads me to wonder if anyone at Le Parisien speaks English. Here is the letter: THE AIR FRANCE COMPANY HAS IN HIS POSSESSION A FEW HUNDRED COMPLAINTS [ABOUT DSK]. CONSEQUENTLY IS WAS DECIDED THAT ONLY MALE EMPLOYEES TO BE AFFECTED TO THE "FIRST CLASS LOUNGE" WHEN THIS CLIENT IS TRAVELLING.

Now, the English is not horrible, but it's far from perfect. It is clearly the work of a French speaker who speaks English quite well.

Clothilde Courau, married to thuggish "prince" of Italy, is going to launch her career as a singer! She is finally complying with the Constitutional requirement for all French actresses to try to sing. Also applies to supermodels.

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