Thursday, August 18, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Just why is this a problem?

Letter 1 is from a woman who was abused by a hateful horrible mother. Lots of other crap in her family. Her new inlaws want to know more about her upbringing, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Prudie says that the inlaws already imagine horrible things. Let hubby tell them a bit, and ask them to keep quiet in future. Yeah. And congrats to LW.

Video letter is from a recent college grad who's working for a fantastic progressive non profit and saving the world. She has a thirtysomething coworker who she respects, but who treats LW like a dimwit. Just why is this a problem? You're getting paid while she is giving you a point-by-point explanation of sharpening a pencil. (OMG: I wrote that before listening to Prudie, who used that example. I'm thinking like Emily. Yikes!). Prudie says to show her maturity by having a serious talk about the behavior.

Letter 2 is from a guy who got laid over summer vacation and is now going all girly about it. There, that's my sexism quotient. Prudie says to enjoy his sex-getting. I say: just why is this a problem?

Letter 3 is from a mid-20s guy who finally got a job. His employer is hiring for the same position, and LW is resentful that recent graduates are being considered when there are other mid-20s guys looking for jobs. Before reading Prudie's answer, here's mine: just why is this a problem? And if it is a problem, why is it your problem? Prudie says that he can advocate for his cohort. Whatever. I would remind him that he isn't being paid to intervene in hiring decisions. He's there to do his job, and unless he keeps focused on that, he's going to be a mid-20s guy on the job market.

Letter 4 is from a guilt-ridden bobo whose inlaws want to invite the family on a cruise. Her social consciousness makes her hesitant to go, but she doesn't want to hurt her inlaws or deprive her child of quality time with his grandparents. Prudie says to go and have a good time. I say: just why is this a problem?

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