Thursday, January 19, 2012

Advice Illustrated: I agree with Prudence (yikes!)

Letter 1 is from this scrotum whose GF of six months (and “love of his life”) is the maid of honor at her BFF's wedding. Problem is she's maid out (!) with three of the groomsmen, including the best man, who apparently is pining after her. It's all so so painful: should he skip the wedding? Best part: “She said I should consider how she feels, having to participate in a wedding along with these guys. That makes sense, but those are the repercussions of her actions.” Yeah, the bitch had sex (or something close to it). Good thing all she got was discomfort, and not a STI, or a baby. How dare she have sexual relations in her circle of friends?!
I say, skip the wedding, and skip the relationship, you insecure pathetic lamester.
What does Prudie say? She says to suck it up, get modern, and go to the wedding.

Video letter's entitled “Psycho Wedding Guest”. So that's great. LW is getting married and her fiancé's BFF will be the best man, but BFF's wife (LW's former BFF!) is crazy and did all sorts of crazy things. A police report was filed! Can they have him but not her?
A police report? And...? Charges? A trial? As Prudie says, this is a social event, but you can't have him without her, so he can't be the best man, or even a guest. I agree. When you marry a crazy, there are repercussions, such as being a social pariah. (But I think there's much more to this story and wouldn't mind hearing the crazy's version.)

Letter 2 is from a woman whose husband's father is a wastrel and a spendthrift. On the brink of ruin, he's about to be taken in by LW's MIL, who herself has divorced her second horrible husband (I'm correcting the LW's version, which said “horrible second husband”). When it all goes to hell, LW knows her husband will have to pick up the pieces.
I have little empathy with people who have millions of dollars to waste on wine, women and song. These are literally rich people's problems. Prudie says LW and hubbie are not his parents' keepers. I agree.

Letter 3 is from a woman whose prankster husband's latest “prank” got him fired after nearly killing a coworker. She's taken the coworker's side and is disgusted by her husband. I say, DTMFA and find a man to marry this time, rather than a kid. Prudie agrees, in a more moderate fashion.

Letter 4 is from a student teacher interning with a horrible teacher. She needs a good evaluation from the teacher, but would really like to report the witch. I say: play nice, get the evaluation, and when you're settled in your profession, rat her out. Like anyone cares... Prudence agrees.


Pogue Mahone said...

Ten bucks says you think Gingrich allegedly asking his ex wife for an open marraige is a reason not to vote for him.

Pogue Mahone said...

For the record I'm voting for Ron Paul.