Thursday, January 5, 2012

Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from a silly girl who is mortified because she farted in bed. If I were Prudence I would have played with her head more, because she's such an easy target.

Video letter is from a woman whose friend has a precocious 9yo son. He's an obnoxious manipulative boor. I say, when he behaves badly to you, leave. 

Prudie compares the kid to Stewie Griffin and suggests seeing her BFF without the kid.

Letter 2 is from a person who has learned that their friend and business partner is going to die. Friend is in denial. At the least, this impacts their business and other partners. Ugh. Prudie says the partners at least have to know, so give the friend one last chance to come clean. Ahem. Re pronoses, I recall Stephen J. Gould's analysis of his own diagnosis of cancer:

Letter 3 is from a crazy lesbian who is letting her girlfriend influence her with regard to LW's "relationship" with her crazy, racist, homophobic estranged father. I say: tell the GF to stuff it. This biological sample donor was not part of your life for some 20 years, and won't ever be a part of your life. Period.

Letter 4 is from a well-educated dummy who wonders if the low-income applicant to his alma mater is really low income. That, dear sir, is the role of the financial aid procedure, not amateur google-detectives.

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Kati said...

Great comments as usual. Thank you for posting Stephen Jay Gould's essay. He's one of my heroes...

I was privileged to attend a lecture of his years ago at the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco. He said that we humans always couch our knowledge in a narrative form, whether it be the Big Bang story or Genesis...

Is this because essentially our own lives are narratives bound in and structured by the unfolding of time?