Thursday, January 12, 2012

Advice Illustrated

Letter 1 is from a liar. LW told her BF that she "wanted to make all his sexual fantasies come true", but when he told her what his (pretty vanilla) fantasy was, she freaked. Not GGG at all! He wants her to play a young girl. Prudie wisely (surprising!) says there's a difference between fantasy and reality, giving the example of some women who have rape fantasies.

Video letter is from a woman whose husband keeps provoking nighttime sex even after she asked to stop that. She wakes up to find him screwing her, and screams to get him stop. He says "he can't help it".
He can help it, and this is abuse, or even rape. Prudie says he may have a sleep disorder. But if not, it's time for urgent counseling. I'm inclined to say that if there's no medical cause, DTMFA.

Letter 2 is from a woman whose 17yo step daughter, who lives with LW and her husband, wants to terminate her unplanned pregnancy. Biomom, who step-daughter sees regularly, is anti-choice and anti-contraception (a dangerous combo). LW isn't sure she wants to support this abortion, because she could raise the baby (huh?). But step-daughter has plans for her future that are incompatible with single teen momdom. LW could manage to help SD but doesn't want to hide this from her husband (who is also anti-abortion, and apparently would "go on a rampage". But if she helps SD, biomom will go ballistic.

Prudie says to go to Planned Parenthood to learn the legal options, etc., adding: "Despite inflammatory political rhetoric, the mission of Planned Parenthood is not to perform abortions, but to provide the crucial services that prevent unwanted pregnancies." Dear Prudie: the opponents of abortion know that, and don't care. They are against contraception, too. They are against anything that allows women to control their bodies and their reproduction. Cf Rick Santorum. HERE. And alas, she'll have to inform her husband.

Girls (and guys): Belts and braces! Contraceptives AND condoms. (And let's give a hand for Obama's refusal to accept medical recommendations re Plan B. Thank goodness Americans have a progressive president in the White House.)

Letter 3 is from a guy who works at a place where the 20yo receptionist sucks her thumb. Everyone, including her boss, can see this, but no-one has done anything. Should he say something? Prudie says to say nothing to her, but to tell higher ups that LW feels the receptionist is giving the place a bad image. Yeah.

Letter 4 is from a woman... read it yourself HERE. It's too boring. Oh, alright, but I can't be bothered to summarize:

I host a book club at my apartment. At a recent gathering one woman brought a pair of boots she was planning to return to the store. I don’t know why she brought them, since the store would have been closed by the time we finished. I did not see the boots, but she asked me for a paper bag to put them in. The day after the book club, she emailed saying she had left the boots at my house and wanted to get them. I searched my apartment and couldn’t find a grocery bag with the boots anywhere. I emailed the group to see if someone accidentally picked them up, and no one responded. I told her that they may have inadvertently been recycled since we were using the same type of grocery bags to collect bottles and cans that evening. I also suggested she may have left with them and misplaced them afterward. She is adamant that they went missing at my place and has hinted that I should pay for them. Do I owe her for the cost of the boots?

Prudie says to ignore her hinting, and if she asks outright, to calmly refuse. Yeah.

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