Thursday, October 22, 2009

DP 22 Oct 2009: One-by-one

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LW1: I'm guessing Prudie's been reading too much mythology. But the advice remains sound. If fiancé can't deal with a not-unreasonable question, then he's too crazy to marry.

LW2: You live in a studio apartment? If not, what's so bad about the bedroom? And if that's not possible, just hang that "beautiful" artwork and get on with it. There are people who spend good money on "conversation pieces", and here you've got a doozy for free. (Is Top Chef still on the air? You would never know it here in France, where they're just rebroadcasting season 2 for the fourth time. Guess what: I still hate Ilan. And despise Elya. And hope Cliff is rotting in jail. And lust over Sam. And wonder how Marcel does that stuff to his hair.)

LW3: You didn't see this question coming? The best you could do was "he's dead"? You are pretty lame. Prudie's advice seems good.

LW4: Two options: let her get caught stealing. That will make the point quite clearly. Or else pay at the checkout for the estimated value of the filched goods. Perhaps the best way to do that would be to pay for your purchases, then give back a certain number of items corresponding to the value of the stuff she's eaten en route. That's a pretty good message: keep eating the grapes, mom, and you're not gonna have those Pop-Tarts (I used to long for Pop-Tarts, but the last time I had them, I realized they're not worth the longing. Ranch dressing, on the other hand...).

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SmagBoy1 said...

Ranch dressing! A man after my own heart. I'm also a mayonnaise fan, and believe it's a gift from the gods, but, Ranch is a close second. Mayo on french fries (the real kind they make in German or Flemish street markets)?! The best.stuff.ever! :-)