Friday, October 23, 2009

‘Friends’ to be revived as period drama

From the satirical NewsBiscuit website, with my comment below:

ITV has announced a co-production deal with US television channel NBC to revive hit 1990s sitcom Friends as a period drama.

‘We’re delighted to be bringing one of the great love stories to a new generation of viewers,’ said a startlingly young ITV spokeswoman. ‘Sunday night has always been the slot for costume dramas – pedestrian love affairs, social ineptitude, bouffant hairstyles and old-fashioned clothing. Friends has all these ingredients in a charming period setting.’

ITV confirmed that the original cast would all be returning to the revival, which will be set in eighteenth-century Hertfordshire but otherwise use the same scripts and characters as the original. ‘The Beeb has flogged Jane Austen and Charles Dickens to death, so this is pretty much all we have left. It’s so going to be, like, oh – my – God.’

I could see Rachel as a penurious young aristocrat, who flees her home to avoid a loveless arranged marriage designed to restore her family's fortunes. She seeks refuge with old schoolmate Monica, the daughter of a well-off tradesman, who keeps house for her lawyer brother, Ross, and their infirm father. Chandler, who works in the same firm as Ross, is in love with Monica, but needs to prove himself a success before he can dare propose marriage to Monica, who he knows will never leave her infirm father unattended. Will the growing fondness of Ross for their new houseguest solve everyone's problems? Will Rachel be tempted by Joey, the hunky gardener? Will Phoebe, paid companion to a wealthy but tempermental old widow cum catlady ever stop that dreadful singing?

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