Thursday, October 29, 2009

DP 29 Oct: One-by-one

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LW1: First sign of a problem; guy is merely "great", not "wonderful". Clearly he's not up to snuff. The advice is fine: DTMFA. This guy is a dolt at best, an abuser at worst. For me, I call this assault, and if he ever tries it again, I'd call the cops. (That said, I did learn not to be ticklish. It was a great advantage in my relationship with my sibling.)

LW2: No comment. But I do give the mother the benefit of the doubt, and will assume this is a clumsy but sincere way for her to try to make up for the harm she caused.

LW3: Please. Couples are invited together socially, and the dinner party is the most social of occasions. If you managed grad school, you should be able to figure out that if 10 guests is your limit, you invite 5 couples. And then you do it again with 5 others. And then again, mixing and matching, bringing in new people to your social circle. And you include your single friends, and even try to invite someone they might like to meet in the hopes of fixing them up. That's what grown-ups do.

LW4: Ah, "wonderful" AND "amazing". But it's a daughter, not a BF/husband, so I'm not sure what to make of that. This sensitive woman is really kind of stupid and insensitive, it seems to me. Her daughter has given her the clearest possible message that she doesn't want to deal with these people now, yet you seriously consider imposing them on her? She didn't choose her birth family, she didn't choose her adoptive family, but she can choose the family whose life she wants to be a part of. Just be happy thatit's yours.

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