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Dear Prudence, April 22, One-by-one, Rashomon edition

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Dear Prudence,

I've had a successful career in a youth-oriented field. I am a fairly well-known radio host, and have the pleasure of attending many events. I'm also fortunate to have retained a youthful appearance, due to clean living, a balanced diet, regular exercise, plenty of rest, and good genes. And working around young people does great things to help keep me feeling and acting vibrant and happy.

But I've become a bit less happy since a new employee has "discovered" a "secret" that was a secret to no-one but her: the fact that while I may look 25, I'm actually -- gasp! -- 40. Ever since this discovery, I have been subject to nasty looks, snide remarks, and tasteless and offensive birthday "gifts", like hormone cream.

In response to this harassment, I did some digging on my own, and learnt that this young woman's credentials are not quite what she wrote on her CV when applying for the job. For example, she never completed the degree work for the university diploma she claims to have earned.

My question to you, Prudie, is: should I narc her anonymously, or should I make sure she knows just who got her sorry ass kicked onto the street?


Older and wiser than that young tramp
VLW: Dear Prudence,

I often visit a friend, but i've begun to think I should put a stop to it. Every time I come over, he can't stop giving me these nasty sidelong looks of reproach. I can't figure out what he's angry about, and when I ask, he says nothing's wrong. For a while I thought it might be about me putting my feet on his coffee table, but I know it can't be that, since he puts his own feet on the table quite often. I used to enjoy spending time with him, because he's usually such a warm and welcoming host, but things have changed so much, I think I'm just going to have to stop stopping by.

My question is: do I just stop going, or do I tell him why?


Tabling the question

LW2: Dear Prudence,

Last year my husband and I were in a terrible car accident. A crazy driver decided she absolutely couldn't stand driving at the speed limit one more minute and tried to pass a truck pulling a horse van. She didn't see us coming in the opposite lane, and ran us off the road. I lost the baby I was carrying, and suffer a lifelong visual impairment. My husband lost both legs, and has limited use of his left arm. Our life has been ruined by this thoughtless young woman. I hate her so much, but she died in the accident, so I have no-one to cry out my pain to.

How can I get over this?


The criminal got off too easy

LW3: Dear Prudence,

A few weeks ago I did something quite foolish. I hooked up with a guy in a bar, and he took me back to the place he was staying. I had had a few drinks and didn't realize it was not his place, but rather the home of one of my brother's friends, and the guy I was making out with was an old college friend of this guy. Anyway, the homeowner's wife found us making out on the couch, and totally freaked out. I quickly got dressed and left, but since then, this woman has made my life hell. She took the video from her nannycam and has posted it on the Facebook pages of all my family and friends, and has even taken out an ad in the local paper describing me as a harlot and a slut.

I couldn't figure out why she decided to make me the target for her insane hatred until I grilled the guy I was making out with, and he told me she had come on to him several times, and each time he had refused her passes, not wanting to betray his college friend, her husband.

My question to you: Should I fight fire with fire and start posting this info on Facebook?


Eye-for-an-eye, Facebook post for a Facebook post?

LW4: Dear Prudence,

I have any number of hobbies, but I'm careful to try to share them with my wife. Despite my best efforts, she shows no interest, and even mocks some of my pastimes.

I'm now thinking of taking up a hobby which I couldn't share with her in any case.

My question is: blonde or redhead?


Extracurricular activator

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