Sunday, April 4, 2010

DP April 1 One-by-one

Letter Writer 1 is a college girl whose vagina hurts when penetrated. Doctors tell her all sorts of stuff, including "meet a guy and get comfy first". But LW claims her college runs on a sex-first-only basis. Prudie says get a fortieth medical opinion. And rethink the hook-up plan.
My take: What Prudie said as far as the medical stuff goes. And what Prudie says about "hook ups". I can't believe that it's just a given that sex has replaced having a coffee together as the first step of a relationship. What Prudie misses is that vaginal sex is not the only kind of sex around. The kidz seem to think that things like "anal sex acts" and "oral sex acts" are not sex (even though "sex" is their middle name). If LW must engage in these sad "hook-ups", and until she figures out what's going on with her vagina, there's plenty of sex she can be having.

Video LW is a yakker who makes sweet talk to her honey non stop. Her friends are sick of it and tell her that all too soon, she won't think her sweetheart's so sweet. How should she respond? Prudie thinks she may be overdoing the verbal PDAs.
My take: Just why do you care? You may be making too many intimate calls in their presence, which is a manners issue. But as to their comments on your loveydoveyness, in one ear and out the other is the best policy, IMO.

LW2's father has had a debilitating stroke and she doesn't know how to be able to spend time with him. Prudie says to spend time with him.
My take: What Prudie said. Which is better? Having your father remember better days that show how much he has meant to you, or having him think you don't care about him now?

LW3 is a fat gay college student who's got the hots for a fellow student. But object of lust is out of his league lookswise. Prudie gives a strategy for approaching the hottie, but tells LW that he'll probably have to settle for other fat guys.
My take: Based on personal experience, I would ask Prudie to step back from her notion that the only guys a fat guy can get are other fat guys. And why should LW not be under the same influence as the others? It's not just gay culture that tells us that beautiful people are more attractive, or that fit people are more beautiful than unfit people. And it's not just the effect of some media conspiracy. I'm willing to bet that just about any person we find exceptionally beautiful today would have been considered at least quite attractive at any other time in history. But I guess Prudie's ultimate advice does work: get a great job, get rich, and you can have all the pretty boys you want.

LW4 is friends with a woman who she thinks is stealing from her employer. Prudie says to give friend a warning to cut out the stealing.
My take: I guess Prudie's advice is OK as far as it goes. But if you're convinced she's stealing (duh), then why would you want to be friends with her? If she steals from her employer "because everyone's doing it", she'll be happy to find a rationalization for stealing from you (like maybe your husband, if it suits her). I don't think there's any need to warn her about the risks of stealing. I'm gonna assume she knows that it's morally and legally wrong.

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