Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A novel form of police brutality...

Marc explains the news from France...

Read the story HERE.

Although I do post a bit on the reflex of the French "youth" to riot and loot whenever a complete stranger who happens also to be a youth happens to kill himself while running away from the cops (typically without a helmet or license on a speeding stolen off-road motorbike operating on the street), I strongly feel that the revolt against the police is largely motivated by the abuse of police power in France, where a cop can beat up a guy coming out of the police station and get as punishment a simple 6-month unpaid leave.

But the case linked to above takes the cake. After the case of the young woman arrested in her bedroom and taken handcuffed to the police station in her PJs because she may have witnessed an assault in front of her lycée, we have the case of three young men from Marseille who, during a cigarette break in front of the school, got into an argument with a schoolmate in which some foul language and insults were used.

Girl calls mom, who happens to be a police officer in another city. Mom arrives with a group of twelve cops in three vehicles, forces her way into the lycée, and arrests the three guys. They're taken to her police station, which has no jurisdiction for this lycée, are entered in the national crime registry, fingerprinted, photographed, and have a DNA sample taken.

This is nuts... but will be even nuttier will be the consequences. I'm betting that there will be almost none.

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