Friday, May 28, 2010

DP May 27 All-in-one

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Dear Prudence,

After my daughter grew up and left home, I found myself at loose ends, and ended up fostering several children. I even ended up adopting one of them, a particularly difficult boy who is now 16. He's doing better, largely thanks to sport, which I have him practice intensively to learn self control and to burn off excess energy that he would otherwisse devote to vandalism and petty crime.

I have recently been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. I have informed social services that they'll need to find new homes for the foster kids, but I need someone to take on my adopted son. The logical choice was my daughter, but I'm having second thoughts about that.

You see, I finally managed to nag her to get Randy a summer job in her office, and am somewhat disturbed by what he tells me goes on there with her. He says that she's always having him replace the 5-gallon water jug on the cooler (located just in front of her desk), sometimes twice a day. Every so often he finds that the seal on the new bottle is loose, resulting in water pouring out and getting him soaked. He's even taken to bringing a spare tshirt just in case he needs to change!

Can my daughter really be interested in Randy that way? After all, she's his sister, and she's a whole six years older than him. Such an enormous age difference, let alone the family relationship, should preclude romantic thoughts, shouldn't it?

My question to you, Prudie, is: if in fact it's OK for an older to lust after a younger relative, how do I get myself a piece of this stud before I croak?


Chemo Hasn't Killed My Sex Drive

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