Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's get us some real problems, people!

Read the story in English HERE.

Zoé Renault told Le Parisien that she did not want her identity to be reduced to the image of a car or to be associated all her life with a vehicle. "It would be unbearable for me to hear 'the Zoé has broken down', 'we have to get the Zoé overhauled' or 'so and so killed themselves in a Zoé,'" she said.

It's better in French:
« Je ne veux pas que mon identité renvoit à l'image d'une voiture et être associée toute mon existence à une auto. C'est blessant, juste invivable ».

"It's hurtful, I simply cannot live with this."

People live without sight, hearing, arms, legs. You can live with a car having your name, bitch.

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