Thursday, May 13, 2010

DP May 13 One-by-one: Ascension

It's the Feast of the Ascension, so I'm above it all today.

The letters are mostly from women at work, and I have the day off, so hah!

Letter 1's from a woman (?) whose new colleague is having a sex thing with a coworker. Should LW tell the wife?. Prudie doesn't encourage, but can't disapprove either. Prudie makes a stupid pun on "discharging his duties/attending to urgent discharges". My take: It's not really their private life, is it? They are making it about your professional life, they are wasting people's time with their antics, and they aren't doing their work. So tell the boss, not the wife.

The video letter is from a young woman has a coworker who keeps tabs on her as if she were her mom. Prudie says to kindly tell coworker to butt out. My take: Yeah, whatever. Nothing more to say about this one.

Letter 2 is from a young woman who's predecessor in her position has been a big help in doing her new job. Until, at least, predecessor went behind LW's back to submit a (better) project before her. Prudie says to have a sincere and open talk. My take: I guess you could have a talk. But maybe LW hasn't been very good at crediting the Other Worker for her help these six months?

Letter 3 is from a young woman whose fiancé of four years won't bonk her. She thinks it's just a bad habit and wants advice on breaking it. Prudie tells her the truth, that her fiancé has bid problems, they need help, and she should contemplate leavin him, and certainly not get married. My take: What she said. Except I would be a bit more directive: deal with your shit now or I'm leaving you now.

Letter 4 is from a young woman who dreads her college graduation because her horrible mooching relatives have all invited themselves, including her dreadful grandmother, who said that if LW is fat at graduation, she will throw a hissy fit. Prudie gives all sorts of advice about dealing with the insults, and ignores the mooching of the uninvited guests. My take: You're a grown-up. Tell them they're not welcome.

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