Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 9, one-by-one: Rivers of mooning

Read the originals HERE.

Letter 1 is from a woman who married a guy with kids who made clear (by a vasectomy, notably) that he wasn't having any more. She was cool with that until she began to feel the creeping approach of barrenness. It's kind of late to start over, isn't it? Prudie says yes, it is.
I say: Yes it is, so stop mooning. But I do wish Prudie had called LW1 on the fact that it's only because she feels she is almost out of time to breed that she's feeling this way. Get the help dealing with your feelings that Prudie suggests, and stop mooning over your soon-to-be useless ovaries.

Video letter is from a guy who is in love with a wonderful woman but who can't help mooning over another woman who is wonderful and theoretically should be wonderful with him, but isn't. Prudie says something.
I say: Stop mooning.

Letter 2 is from a student who has discovered that a recent graduate's thesis is plagiarized from an obscure work by an expert in their field. Should she tattle? Prudie says yes.
I say: duh.

Letter 3 is from a professional woman whose daughter, new to the profession, asked her for advice on a work project. LW's friend says that was "cheating". Prudie says it wasn't (probably).
I say: who gives a fuck? This is work, not college, not sport. You just need to get the job done. Stop mooning about it, mom.

Letter 4 is from a woman who lost her husband at a young age. Now her inlaws are being horrid to her. Prudie says to get a mediator involved to try to avoid cutting off her children from their grandparents.
I say: Yes, but if you do need to cut them off, do it, and don't moon over it. They are nasty people and you need love and support, not bile and venom.


Kevin said...

Love the cut and paste pictures with the commentary - very creative and original. I especially loved the Scottish widows picture -- LOL!

Kati said...

tizzano67Blue mooooooon, I saw you standing around......
oops, I might be plagiarizing just a tiny bit here....

love the pix and the mooooooning comments as usual.

Kati said...

ooops, please disregard the beginning of previous message

Mermaid said...

Marc, this is what me and my kin would call "hi-voltage hi-larity", which is a phrase we got from an old Disney movie poster for "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes".

As always, your pictures are to die for. Thanks for the laugh this week. :)