Thursday, February 17, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Holiday-free edition

Prudenza does it HERE.

Letter Writer 1 is a mother who does naked nude barebottomed unclothed washing sessions with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. Dad's starting to get uncomfortable with the nuditity. Prudie says if he's uncomfortable, it's time for bath time to become girl time. I say: just how does the daughter open a locked door (while the parents are pooping)? Otherwise, I'm fine with the answer.

Video letter is from a young guy who wants to make other people pay for furnishing his great new apartment (the one he is so proud of paying for, but forgot to budget for furnishing). Creep.

LW2 is from a woman whose life and marriage are suffering from the burden of caring for her aged parents. Prudie says it's time to get them to a home. I say: yes.

LW3 is from a guy whose wife is due to give birth at the same time his sister is getting married 8 hours away. Sister is a bitch. Prudie says that this is a happy occasion, and if sister says one nasty thing, to hang up or leave the room. I say you should tell the whole family that sister gave you an ultimatum: either wife has an abortion or they're out of her life.

LW4 is from a soon-to-be-former grad student who comes across as a high-maintenance prima donna in mock interviews. But she's not, really she's not! Prudie says she might be, and to get more practice. I say, just what kind of advice was LW expecting here?

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