Thursday, February 10, 2011

Advice Illustrated

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Boy is this a sad, sad week.

LW1 doesn't derive pleasure from sex. Prudie tells her what to do. She does manage to disparage the BF on the basis of nada.

LW2 is a cougar whose sex partner won't marry her due to age difference. Prudie says she has to make a choice, but why not enjoy the hot sex for the moment. I don't see what the issue is. Are they living together? That would be something to consider. If they have great sex, are best friends, love each other and are living together, what more does she really want?

LW3 is needy. I will simply quote from Prudie's fine response:

Your letter made me want to peel you off, and I don't even know you, so imagine how your boyfriend is going to feel when he realizes your need for attention is endless, your capacity infinite. You already know you are punishing your nice current boyfriend in part for the behavior of your previous lousy one (whom you hung around with despite how badly he treated you) and making both of you miserable with your anxiety.

Momentos made from cremains
LW4 is from a divorcée engaged to a widower who had the affrontery to place a photo and miniurn on the side table. Prudence is herself the spouse of a widower, and votes for shutting up. I say that LW is wrong to want a "fresh start" without any presence of "Cynthia" (this is a strange choice of name: we all know that first wives are named "Rebecca"). But the ashes are waaaay too much. Photos, drawings, paintings? Fine. Cremains? Not fine.