Thursday, February 24, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Yeah. Duh.

The orig is HERE.

Letter Writer 1 is a married man who has rented a basement flat in a woman's house in another city where he works most of the week. One day she appeared in his place watching him naked in the bathroom. She now comes by and does TMI on him. What should he do? Apologize? Move?
Prudie says, in a flurry of double entendres, that he remind her of his expectation of privacy. And tell his wife what's going on, if he hasn't.
I say, yeah. Duh.

The Video Letter is from a woman who has just learned that her BF (most wonderful man in the world) has untreated bipolar disorder. Prudie says he was wrong to keep this secret, which impacts on her, and wrong to go off his meds without trying to find a better solution with his doctor.
I say, yeah. Duh.

LW 2 is the luckiest man in the world, whose wife forgave him an affair and adopted the daughter born to his mistress. The daughter's 8, and knows that her mother is not her biomom. But other people want more details. Prudie says it's nobody else's business.
I say, yeah. Duh. And how did these people learn this info? Blabbermouth. If you tell them this much, they will of course expect more.

LW3 is a "dude" who wants a tattoo to "honor" his mother's parents. His mother objects to tattoos, in a very theatrical, self-threatening way. Prudie says she hates tattoos, too (so do I... fortunately BF also hates self-mutilation), so she makes the case against them. And she makes the case against this being a way to "honor" his grandparents.
I say, yeah. Duh. But if he does really, really want to do this, screw what his mom thinks. And if she's willing to cut her throat over this? She's a crazy the world is well rid of. Or a person with problems bigger than your "tasteful" tattoo.

LW4 is from a person whose coworker eats oatmeal and tunafish every day at her desk. The odor is unbearable, as are other behaviors of coworker. Prudie reminds us that food used to be eaten in appropriate places and times. Prudie suggests language to speak to the wcoworker.
If the question is "should I say something to my coworker", may answer is "yeah, duh". And I remember when I weighed in on the subject in an earlier column, saying that here in France we consider eating at your desk gross, disgusting, and unhygienic, I was attacked by y'all who love eating at your desk so you read DP. But I now have Prudie on my side, so I'll say it again: eat in a restaurant, a cafeteria, a breakroom, not at your desk.

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