Thursday, September 1, 2011

Advice Illustrated: Y'all are wasting our time

Useless bunch of time wasters.
Letter 1 is from a mom who thinks her FIL is a pedophile and doesn't want to leave her daughter alone with him. Her husband doesn't want to deal with his father and so says nothing. You are such a fool. I hope her daughter (and son) survive her obvious horrible mothering skills. If your own FIL gives you the creeps, your duty is to protect your children, not his feeling.

Video letter is from a guy who's been going out with a chainsmoker for three years. He would like to propose, but can't get beyond the smoking, which he sas he "can't stand". Well, apparently you can stand it, since you've been with her for three years. Prudie says there are ways to manage together, including a promise not to smoke during any pregnancy. I can't imagine any romance with a smoker unless he was very smoking. If you've gotten this far, I don't see what marriage changes. And do you really want this complete stranger to tell you how to make the most important decision of your life?

Letter 2 is from a woman who snooped and found out that her BF is trying to hook up with other women (all of whom give him the brushoff, so you just know he's a real catch). She doesn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him she knows he's a creep. You are such a fool. DTMFA. He's trying to cheat on you and you really give a rat's ass abouthis feelings?

Letter 3 is from a woman who will be making the maid of honor's toast at her BFF's wedding. Should LW mention the bride's mom, who died not that long ago? It might offend dad's new GF! You are such a fool. Do you really need Prudie's advice on whether or not you should pretend that your friend had no mother? And for fear of offending her dad's new piece of ass?

Letter 4 is from a woman whose BF found 80 USD on the sidewalk in front of a theater and left it with the box office. Should they have kept the money? You are such a fool. There is no "right" answer, but it's never wrong to not keep something that's not yours.

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